The Twelve Promises

The Promises of Sexual Recovery Anonymous

At this point in our recovery, we found that we were being transformed in
many positive ways.

  1. We were learning how to live life with openness, honesty and integrity.
  2. We were being healed of the shame and guilt that had burdened us.
  3. We were making peace with our past and were being given a new sense of
  4. Self-loathing and feelings of worthlessness were giving way to a deeper
    sense of self-love and self-worth.
  5. Sorrow and regret were giving way to joy and gratitude. Fear and negative
    projections were being replaced with hope and optimism.
  6. We were coming to realize that we were equal with others, no better or
    worse. We were realizing we were part of the world, not apart from the
  7. We were accepting, even welcoming, our feelings rather than denying them.
  8. Obsessive thinking and fantasizing were diminishing and we were
    becoming better connected to the real world.
  9. We were finding a new capacity for compassion, generosity and caring, and
    were helping our fellow sufferers and others.
  10. Spirituality and self-love were bringing us the gift of healthy sexuality.
  11. More and more, we were feeling a deep gratitude to our Higher Power.
  12. We were realizing, increasingly, that our Higher Power was working in our
    lives; problems and situations that once seemed intractable were resolving
    themselves. Experiencing these changes made us ready to be of greater
    service to our Higher Power and others.

Are these Promises within our reach? Yes, they are! SRA offers us a healing home in which our spirits can at first rest, then grow and finally soar.