Stories of Recovery

SRA Big Book -- Stories of RecoveryStories of Recovery from Members of Sexual Recovery Anonymous, the SRA big book, focuses on the personal stories of our members which illustrate how the disease of sex addiction has impacted their lives and how following the SRA program has helped them to overcome the many challenges of sex addiction.

In addition, this book contains the completed commentaries of the first seven of the Twelve Steps of our program, as well as other literature that our General Service Board previously approved and published in pamphlet format.

From the Introduction

Understanding Compulsive Sexual Behavior As An Illness

Just as doctors declared alcoholism an illness several decades ago, today leading counselors and psychiatrists recognize sexual addition as an illness.  In Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA), we see ourselves not as bad people becoming good but sick people becoming well.  Compulsive sexual behavior can include many different activities such as obsessive sexual fantasizing, pornography, phone sex, compulsive masturbation, one night stands, anonymous sex, engaging in multiple sexual relationships, voyeurism, exhibitionism, paying for sex, use of prostitutes or engaging in prostitution and other risky sexual behaviors.  Like other serious addictions, sex addiction interferes with the life process and can even be life-threatening.

Starting Your Journey

The next decision you make may be the most important one of your life.  If you want what we have, we welcome you to begin your journey into a life free of sexual obsession by following the principles and suggested steps contained in this book.  Our program of recovery offers dignity of self, something more precious than the sexual experiences we chased.  Our lives in sobriety are living examples of the healing power of the program of Sexual Recovery Anonymous.

Where to Buy the SRA Big Book

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