SRA Meetings

SRA In-person Meetings

This is a list of all SRA face-to-face meetings in the Tri-State area as of March 2022.  SRA meetings in the Tri-State area are currently held in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Greenwich, Connecticut.  For information on SRA meetings in other areas, visit the website of the SRA General Service Board.

SRA Online Meetings

SRA online meetings take place on daily at this link.

SRA Telephone Meetings

Telephone meetings take place Monday through Friday, 10:00am – 11:00am, and on Saturday, 3:00pm- 4:00pm.  Phone numbers for the phone meetings are available at in-person or online meetings.

About SRA Meetings

Sexual Recovery Anonymous meetings are the core of our fellowship we all contribute to and share. By attending SRA meetings, we affirm our commitment to help ourselves recover. They are a place where we can: (1) share our experience, strength, and hope, (2) learn to accept ourselves, and (3) make a connection with others. In listening to others, we gain new insight and awareness by identifying with feelings and experiences.

Meetings help us to realize that we are not alone! Everything we say is confidential — our anonymity is protected and respected. We feel encouraged to build trust towards other members and the SRA program.

For beginners, we strongly recommend going to as many meetings as possible. Frequently, in the spirit of fellowship, after the meeting there is time when we can share further.

–From the SRA pamphlet, Tools of the Program

What to Expect in Sexual Recovery Anonymous Meetings

  • SRA meetings are anonymous and confidential.  Meeting attendees introduce themselves by first name only.  What you say in a meeting will stay in the meeting.
  • There is no requirement to share in SRA meetings.  You are welcome to attend and just listen.
  • Meetings are open to all members and prospective members of the fellowship.  SRA meetings are closed to visitors such as partners or spouses of addicts, therapists, students, or researchers. Those who have been affected by another’s sexual behavior may wish to explore SRA-Anon. Those in helping professions may wish to read To the helping Professional.
  • SRA has no dues or fees.  Requests are made at meetings for donations to cover expenses such as rent.
  • Some SRA meetings take place in Churches or other religious institutions. Apart from paying rent, SRA has no relationship or affiliation with these institutions.

Types of Sexual Recovery Anonymous Meetings

  • REGULAR meetings usually consist of member shares, and may include a time for reading or a speaker.
  • QUALIFICATION meetings involve an SRA member speaking for a period of time on their personal history and experience in recovery.
  • LITERATURE meetings feature a reading of SRA literature, followed by shares.
  • STEP or TRADITION meetings focus on one of the 12 Steps or Traditions of SRA, usually through a reading of SRA literature and a qualification.
  • BIG BOOK meetings feature a reading from the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous or from the SRA “Big Book”
  • MONEY MATTERS meetings invite shares pertaining to money and earning as well as those pertaining to recovery from sex addiction.

SRA Meetings Resources

  • Are you chairing a meeting and don’t have a hard copy of the meeting format? Conduct the meeting using this SRA meeting format.  To conduct a business meeting, use this SRA Business Meeting format.
  • If you are the literature person for your meeting and need to order new literature or chips? Please contact us.
  • Are you the Intergroup Rep for your meeting?  Please see the About SRA Intergroup page for information intergroup, and intergroup meetings.
  • Are you starting a new meeting? Please consult the resources provided by the SRA General Service board.

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